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Fruit Punch


A breakthrough energy supplement that uses the patented ingredient GoBHB in its therapeutic dose of 11.7 grams. Unlike other exogenous ketones, there are no proprietary blends, no sugar, and no artificial sweeteners or fillers.

With exogenous ketones, you are giving your body a ready-to-use source of fuel. You will feel more energy, decreased cravings, have better performance, and increased mental focus. 

Suggested Use: Shake container to loosen the powder. Start with a 1/2 scoop mixed in 12 oz of cold water to assess tolerance. For optimal results, increase up to 1 full scoop with 12-16 oz of water. Consume in the morning in fasted state, in the afternoon to help you power through an energy slump, or anytime you need a POWerful boost to improve performance for mental focus. Do not exceed 2 scoops per day

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