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Amino Hydro


The 3-in-1 Amino Hydro

Why do we call this 3 products in 1? Here's why:

  1. 10g Amino Acids per servings
  2. 3g Creatine per serving
  3. Hydration & Electrolyte formula featuring coconut water

This product is designed to help athletes of all levels.

This mix of amino acids was formulated to give athletes the energy boosts desired to be at peak performance at a lower price. BCAA block's a message to the brain signaling fatigue giving athletes the ability to prolong endurance in their workout, while serving as fuel for the muscles. This process allows for muscle proteins to be spared during post-exercise recovery. When taking Amino Hydro you'll be starting the recovery process instantly while you're still in the middle of training.

Suggested Use: On training days, mix 1 scoop of with 6-8 oz. of water and sip before and during workout. May also, be taken before cardio and throughout the day to maintain a positive nitrogen balance.

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